Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reflecting on My Undergraduate Career 12.16.2014

SO. This is not going to follow my usual blogger format, but if you're reading this you probably won't mind. And if you do mind, stop reading this. Duh.

I just wanted to give you all an inside look at some very specific and essential things that carried me through 2 years at a po-dunk, sleepy (but, certainly effective) community college and

3.5 years at one of the top engineering schools in the country. (Graduating with honors, yo).

(I'm going to brag about it, k?)

This is in no particular order, because it's finals week and I don't have time to think that deeply. I really shouldn't even be writing this. But I'll do anything to avoid studying, writing a research paper, prepping for a presentation or two, doing HW (Right?! Who assigns homework 11th week--evil professors!)

Some of the things on this list only Kettering students will understand and some of these things only GOCC folks will understand. And if you understand both, you're either me or someone just like me and that's weird (but you're probably really awesome, smart, pretty, and cool--so, props!).

ANYWAY--let's get started as I'm sure you are all dying to here the details of my life.

Coffee. Woooo! I was introduced to the world of coffee my second year at community college studying for Anatomy and Physiology (to this day, the most I've EVER studied for a class). I thought coffee was disgusting then.  I drank it with loads of sugar and creamer to make it taste decent and I still hated it. But it kept me awake until 4am studying bones, muscles, systems, ATP, etc. Coolest class ever, too.  Because it just affirmed my belief in the Lord because he created us with staggering detail and whoa. It just totally blew my mind. (Can you tell I've had coffee this morning?)

Chegg.com I discovered Chegg during Calculus 1 and it's gift from the good Lord above. For those of you who are unfamiliar--CHEGG GIVES YOU DETAILED SOLUTIONS OF ALMOST ALL MATH/SCIENCE RELATED BOOKS (ODD AND EVEN NUMBERS). If you are ever considering going to an engineering school, get a chegg account or find someone who has one.  Guess what everyone? I have a chegg account. My own. Using my OWN email address. Yeah, if you didn't know this--it's because I am selfish and I did not want to share all that knowledge with you and you probably used a frat account, anyway.

Running. The one time of the week where I think about nothing else but putting one foot in front of the other. It's beautiful. And also, it helped me avoid gaining 40 pounds in college.

Graphing Calculator. Nobody graphs by hand these days. C'mon, maaaan. Also, I may or may not be one of those people who puts 1+1 into their calculator when doing a long drawn out problem in the event that the world turned on it's side and math changed forever and also in the event that I make the dumbest mistake on 3 page problem and my professor doesn't believe in partial credit (we've all been there!).

The Long Awkward White Couch In The Science Wing At GOCC. So. Many. Naps.

Highlighters. Makes your prof think you're paying attention. I'm actually drawing pictures.

Dry Shampoo. I am not going to disclose how many consecutive days I have gone without washing my hair. But I will tell you that drying and styling your hair everyday is for the freaking birds. When you go to an engineering school or really any school or if you're just a really busy person or if you can't find a place to wash your hair, you learn that while showering may be essential every once in awhile, unless somebody barfed in your hair, washing your hair is not essential. And it takes WAY too much time.

Silent Heroes Letting Us All Know That People Actually Made It Out Of Kettering Alive. ....Alumni.

Financial Aid. Without it, I wouldn't be here OR I would be in a lot more debt than I am now. Woop!

Library. ...occasionally I would actually check out books. During work term, of course.


Excel/PowerPoint.  Everyone said that an engineer only needs two skills to succeed...

My Friends. They are amazing. Laughs, food, wine, dancing. I love them all so much. And I feel incredibly blessed to have amazing friends that supported me through this development process.

My Parents/Big Sis. You guys... :)

Work/Study Positions. Supporting my coffee addiction.

Jesus. The only consistent thing in my life. Not in the sense that I have been consistent in my pursuit of a relationship with him (because, let me tell you, my first 3 years of college were so confusing and rough--I was bad kid!!)...but consistent in that JESUS consistently loved me and took me right back after I turned my back on Him!! Amazing. :) Also, spending time in the Word and praying every night allowed for minimal number of freak outs and anxiety attacks. Thanks Jesus!

That's All.... back to studying. ;)